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Storm Makes Game-Changing Decision As Extraordinary X-Men Nears IvX

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comic News Comment
Storm Makes Game-Changing Decision As Extraordinary X-Men Nears IvX

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for “Extraordinary X-Men” #16, which is on sale now.

The team of mutants depicted in “Extraordinary X-Men” have reached a crossroads, and it looks like they’re about to make a big change. Thirteen months ago, “Extraordinary” relaunched the X-Men line by moving Storm’s team of rescue and preservation oriented X-Men to an unexpected location: the hellish dimension known as Limbo. This new headquarters was called X-Haven.

The team moved to Limbo because of the deadly Terrigen mist. While the Inhuman cloud triggered the change in humans that made them Inhuman and gave them powers, it also proved to be deadly to mutants that it came in contact with. In order to protect themselves and other mutants from the M-pox, Storm’s team of X-Men relocated to Limbo where the atmosphere wasn’t saturated with traces of Terrigen. Of course that put the team right in the thick of Limbo, a realm overridden with demons and dangerous, hostile lifeforms. Luckily the X-Men had Magik on their team, a sorceress and on-again/off-again ruler of Limbo. Magik was able to hold back the evil forces and keep the X-Men and the Jean Grey School safe — for a while.

Magik’s protege, a young mutant named Sapna, became possessed by a demonic entity known as the World-Eater. Over the past few months, the World-Eater’s strength has grown as its possession of Sapna became even more complete. In the current arc of “Extraordinary,” the X-Men have clashed with the possessed teenager, putting their X-Haven in jeopardy. “Extraordinary X-Men” #16 from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Victor Ibanez features the conclusion of the World-Eater arc — and one angry Storm.

After teaming up with Magik and the Magical Resistance to attack the World-Eater-possessed Sapna right outside of X-Haven, Storm makes a firm declaration.


“Extraordinary X-Men” #16 interior art by Victor Ibanez and Jay David Ramos

The battle continues to rage on, though, as the World-Eater’s power is unloaded in close proximity to the Jean Grey School. The massive display damages the structure, ripping chunks of it off.


“Extraordinary X-Men” #16 interior art by Victor Ibanez and Jay David Ramos

Illyana does the only thing she can do to prevent X-Haven and all of its inhabitants from being destroyed: she kills the World-Eater’s host, Sapna.

Three days after Sapna’s death, Storm states that she knew they would lose someone eventually. The battle they were fighting — against the M-Pox, Apocalypse, the World-Eater, everyone — was too intense. But in the wake of Sapna’s death and the destruction of large chunks of the Jean Grey School, Storm labels her mission a failure.

Now, it’s time to move forward — and out of Limbo.


“Extraordinary X-Men” #16 interior art by Victor Ibanez and Jay David Ramos

The X-Men can no longer safely stay in Limbo, and Storm is ready for the X-Men to reclaim their place on Earth “one way or another.” This development dovetails nicely with a few other recent developments in the X-Men line, which all seem to be pointing to spring 2017’s ResurrXion relaunch.

First, the recent “Uncanny X-Men Annual” provided a possible solution to the M-Pox in the form of the mutant healer Elixir. His powers have proven effective at healing the victims of the Terrigen mists on a large scale, although he’s still learning to control them. Then there’s “Inhumans vs. X-Men” #0, the prequel issue for the next major X-event. In that issue, Emma Frost reemerges and approaches Storm with a plan to combat the Terrigen cloud. Considering Storm’s decision to take action and make Earth habitable again no matter what, it seems like she’s probably in a place to hear Emma Frost’s still mysterious plan.

“Extraordinary X-Men” #17 — the first chapter of the series’ tie-in with “IvX” — arrives in stores on December 28.

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