Storm Series From Coates & Bartel Not Currently in the Works

The highly anticipated Storm series from Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla artist Jen Bartel is not currently in production.

Asked about the book, Marvel's X-Men group editor Jordan White told CBR, "They are both very busy folks, and while I have no doubt that they fully intend to do this book at some point, I don't believe that there are currently plans for it to happen."

During last year's New York Comic Con, Coates hinted he was working with Bartel on a new standalone series focusing on the X-Man Storm. Shortly thereafter, that news seemed to be confirmed by Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Dawn Fallik, with Coates and Bartel responding positively to her on Twitter. Unfortunately for fans of Coates and Bartel, though, they're going to have to wait some time before that creative team takes on the weather goddess.

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A longstanding member and occasional leader of the X-Men, Storm has starred in three different comic series, but only recently got her first and only standalone courtesy of Greg Pak and Victor Ibáñez; this series ran for 11 issues from 2014-2015. Ororo Munroe has made appearances in Coates’ first Marvel series Black Panther, where she attempted to mend the relationship with her former husband T’Challa. She could also be seen fighting alongside him in the short-lived Black Panther and The Crew series.

Marvel tends to schedule their books quite some time in advance, before making special announcements or revealing new titles through Previews. Unfortunately, Storm by Coates and Bartel probably won't be making any sort of debut in 2018.

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