Storm #4 Review

What's amazing about this issue is two things.

1. It really does an excellent job in making them appear as though they really ARE meant for each other. Which is a great deal for the current Black Panther series, because it (albeit, through a retcon) really gives them a definitive argument for "true love" between T'Challa and Ororo.

2. It does a pretty good issue made up of almost entirely two teens getting ready to have sex.

The problems from the previous issues (cardboard characterization villains) exist in this issue, but luckily, writer Eric Jerome Dickey does a good job of reducing the amount of screen time the lame villains (which, to be fair, were his creation, so I can't give him THAT much credit for having the insight to reduce the amount of screen time given to characters he invented)  have in the issue, choosing instead to play to his strength, which is the relationship between T'Challa and Ororo, and it's great.

Ororo is a virgin, and while she is inexperienced, there is something about her that draws in T'Challa unlike the many girls he has been with to this point. However, he is still royalty, so it is a big deal that he is interested in her - but Ororo is pretty good at hiding HOW big of a deal it is (there are some great captions showing her reactions to his advances).

David Yardin and Lan Medina do a great job on the art, with fine inks by Jay Leisten.

The interaction is probably not enough, as a whole, for me to bump this up from "pretty good" to recommended, so I would have to say I wouldn't recommend this, but for an issue with just two teens about to have sex, it is quite well done - if just hamstrung by the contents of the book. But as a tool (setting up the relationship)? I think it excels.

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