10 Green Arrow Stories We’ll Never See Now That Arrow Is Ending


The CW's Arrow is quickly reaching its conclusion, after years of headlining the television superhero universe. The last 7 seasons of the hit action show has covered a variety of storylines; both original and taken from the comics. Whilst some of these have been directly adapted Green Arrow tales, others have been taken in part from other characters, with Batman's rogue gallery particularly being used throughout.

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The show has seen a lot of success and many characters come and go. It's surprising how many comic book elements ended up being incorporated into the CW's Green Arrow series, but since season 8 will be the last of its run, we take a look at 10 Green Arrow stories we'll never see now that Arrow is ending.

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10 Wonder Year

An early story in the career of the Green Arrow and a quirky one to kick off this list, Wonder Year takes places all in costume... although not the costume you'd expect. With Oliver Queen heading to a fancy dress party, he decides to ditch his usual getup, donning the outfit of Robin Hood instead.

It's an ironic twist and the archer's skills are needed almost immediately as he makes many daring rescues all in one night, whilst dressed as the man of myth and legend. It's a fun story which could make for a lighter episode of Arrow, maybe over Halloween.

9 Mystery Pupil

Stephen Amell in Arrow

Another dated story in the history of the emerald archer but a change of pace for Queen. Oliver answers an ad in the newspaper to train a billionaire in the skills of archery. It's an interesting dynamic between the pair, with the billionaire representing a past Queen no longer relates to.

The twist of the story comes when this pupil uses his newfound talents to commit crime as the Crimson Archer. It's a moral dilemma for Oliver who gave him the ability to commit these crimes and would act in Arrow as a reminder to not trust so easily; a flaw that the TV version continually allows to cloud his judgment.

8 The Green Arrows of the World

Green Arrows of the World, by Jack Kirby

This story featured only briefly in a comic strip, although could make for a really interesting episode if it was to be adapted to CW's Arrow. Mocking an old Batman comic, this unites the many Green Arrows of the world into a single location. The vigilantes from all over, look to Oliver for guidance and inspiration.

It's a concept that could be similarly replicated, as the Green Arrow could be a major influence on other vigilantes across the planet, with many other personalities donning the hood. Uniting them to face a common threat and to show Oliver the impact he had made would be an important point to touch upon.

7 Onomatopoeia


This Kevin Smith villain has had many unique stories across the pages of the Green Arrow comic books and it's a travesty he will never see any screen time. Smith has said that the creepy character is hard to translate to TV or film, but we disagree with that.

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The villain's penchant for inflicting pain whilst making the sound of the action he is doing, is an incredibly imaginative trait for a character and one that would be unsettling to watch. With Arrow often making these stories even grittier, an Onomatopoeia appearance could be particularly disturbing if it could have been done correctly.

6 Warlord

The stories just keep getting weirder, as Oliver Queen comes face to face with a body double! The duplicate of the Green Arrow in DC Comics is Travis Morgan, also known as the mystical Warlord. The hero is mistaken for Queen and attacked. He tracks down Oliver to confront him about this before they team up to face this new threat.

The idea of a man being mistaken for Oliver, especially now that his identity is public knowledge, could have been a great display of the consequences of being the Green Arrow. Perhaps removing some of Warlord's own background in order to make this a more grounded story would have been necessary, but then again magic does exist in the Arrowverse!

5 Quiver

Green Arrow Quiver Matt Wagner

Quiver is a famous Green Arrow story from the comics that we'll never get to see unfold on the small screen. The story involves Oliver Queen dying and being reborn, although with no memories and little personality. The confused archer tries to rebuild his life, even getting a brand new sidekick.

The reason for his revival and lack of memories is complicated but they could be translated to the show through the use of the Lazarus pit, which have been explored in the past and recently discussed in episodes of Arrow. What's most prominent about this tale is the conversations Oliver has with family members and friends, whom he does not remember.

4 Green Lantern and Green Arrow

Two of DC's best buddies is the Green heroes, Queen and Hal Jordon. The duo have spent a lot of time together, had a great comic run and enjoyed success starring alongside each other as members of the Justice League. The concept of a Green Lantern has been recently revealed during the crossover episode, where it was said that John Diggle was a ring bearer on another Earth.

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Whether the Arrow version, therefore, incorporated a Hal Jordon or brought the ring to Diggle to combine the two heroes, this would have been a fun friendship to explore in the Arrowverse and one we will now never see.

3 The Kill Machine

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Arrow

A much more recent story that has run its course in the new 52, takes a look at Oliver's past once again and links back to the island and his father. The villain of the story, Komodo, has already appeared in Arrow's rogue gallery, but bringing back a variation on the character would do no harm.

Trained in a similar skill set to Oliver, by his own father, this is slightly familiar to the Emiko story in Arrow but with an added mysterious element relating further to the island. It could have been interesting to revisit all of this one last time and to completely twist everything we knew.

2 Connor Hawke

Hawke has already been used twice in the Arrowverse. The son of John Diggle in this world, Connor has been shown to have two futures. One in a Legends of Tomorrow episode, where he takes on the role of Green Arrow and one in Arrow where is the head of the Deathstroke organization.

It's a shame that we will never see a full version of Hawke, where Oliver can train the young man into becoming a better hero. This could have been a closing story for Queen, where he passes the torch, or rather quiver, to a brand new hero.

1 Archer's Quest

This story could have served as a series-long arc for Ollie and his team. To protect his family, Ollie asks for every object, clue or evidence relating to him to be tracked down in the event of his death. Perhaps if he is to die this is how Arrow will end, but the story also involves a very much alive Queen.

The tale involves a lot of mystery, a Batman villain known as the Catman and a journey through the Green Arrow's past. If Oliver knows his time is up, perhaps this is how he could have spent the rest of his time, taking a trip down memory lane to put his legacy to rest. But alas, much like the other stories on this list, we'll never see this fully adapted as Arrow comes to an end.

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