Stop the presses! Archie will propose to ... Veronica?

I guess sometimes things do move quickly in Riverdale.

Barely a week after Archie Comics teased that Archie Andrews will propose to one of his longtime sweethearts in a story that takes place after college, the publisher has revealed he'll ask Veronica Lodge to marry him.

The title's even been changed from "Archie Gets Married" to "Archie Marries Veronica," so you know it's true!

"Could it be true?" the press release asks, making me think I can't handle the truth. "Has Archie finally decided to take the plunge and propose to comics' favorite rich girl? It sure looks that way!"

Hmmm ... Tell me more, press release. What about Betty Cooper, who probably should've washed her hands of Archie decades ago?

"What would lead Archie to have marriage on his mind?" the press release continues, as if reading my mind. "And why would he choose Veronica over Betty? How will Betty react?"

What would lead Archie to choose Veronica over Betty? (Money!) And why does Archie get to "choose" at all?

I guess I'll have to wait until August to find out, when the first part of the six-part story debuts in Archie #600.

For more details, check out the Comic Book Resources interview with writer Michael Uslan.

Update: The word around Pop Tate's is that the six-issue arc will imagine two separate scenarios in which young Archibald marries Veronica and Betty. Run Archie Run?

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