PSA: Please Stop Photoshopping Smiles Onto Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

The first Captain Marvel trailer finally landed this week, generating a flurry of excited responses. After all, it's been nearly six months since fans were devastated by Thanos' finger snap in Avengers: Infinity War, and heartened by Nick Fury's distress call in the post-credits scene. In the immortal words of Bonnie Tyler, we've been holding out for a her...o. But not everyone is happy with what we've seen so far. Why? Not enough mohawk Carol? Do the Skrulls look too much like Dragonball Evolution's Piccolo? No, the question some are asking instead is: Why so serious, Brie?

They've taken to Twitter to bemoan every moment in which star Brie Larson doesn't have a smile plastered across her face, describing the Academy Award winner as a "piece of wood," and saying she looks as if she's "uninterested in being a superhero" or "going to a relative's wake." And insufficient smiling by a female superhero is apparently grounds for Photoshop corrections. Fear not, Marvel and Disney! Lengthy shot-for-shot remakes forcing Larson to Joker-grin through epic space battles and grueling training exercises as if she's in a teeth-whitening commercial won't be necessary because, thanks to a face-tuning app, at least one kind soul has been able to do all the hard work for you.

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One Twitter user shared several doctored images, claiming, "I fixed #CaptainMarvel!"

I fixed #CaptainMarvel! Thanks @faceapp_ai.@DiversityAndCmx @TheQuartering @OneAngryGamerHD pic.twitter.com/SWx1ReRuJN

— Turd Flinging Monkey (@TFMonkeyYouTube) September 18, 2018

The complaint is reminiscent of when Gal Gadot's armpit stubble caused controversy for being digitally retouched in one shot of a Wonder Woman trailer, nit-picking that proves the heightened level of scrutiny female leads have to endure in comparison to their hairier, and scowl-ier, counterparts. Since 1998's Blade took the superhero movie down a grittier path, it's difficult to find any poster or spotlighted trailer image in which the titular crime-fighter isn't gurning in pain, clenching in determination or staring heroically off into the distance. We only expect otherwise from designated jokesters like Deadpool and Spider-Man.

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