Stolen Flintstones car returned to Sacramento comics store

The replica of the Flintstones' car stolen last month from in front of World's Best Comics and Toys has been recovered by police and returned to the Sacramento, California, store.

According to the Merced Sun-Star, surveillance video from a nearby bowling alley captured footage of three high school-age suspects loading the 200-pound vehicle -- it's actually a wooden raft with two metal 55-gallon drums instead of wheels -- into the back of a truck. That enabled Sacramento County sheriff's deputies to track the Flintmobile to a ranch in El Dorado County.

Deputies delivered the replica to World's Best Comics and Toys on Monday, where it joined another Flintmobile, this one donated last week by Mark Runyan of Folsom, who built it for Halloween (store owner Dave Downey said he'll ask Folsom whether he wants it back). The recovered car is now chained to the store.

As for the three teenagers? Downey told the newspaper they were apologetic, and he's decided not to press charges. Instead, they've agreed to do some work at the store.

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