Artist Stjepan Sejic Boards DC's Aquaman in June

Stjepan Sejic will join DC Comics' "Aquaman" as the new regular artist in June with an extra-sized 25th issue.

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The artist, known for his work on "Witchblade," "Aphrodite IX" and "Sunstone," celebrated the announcement on Twitter by sharing new illustrations of Arthur Curry and Mera.

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Sejic began his comics career at Arcane Studios before receiving an offer from Top Cow to draw "Witchblade." He went on to illustrate "Witchblade" #116-150, the longest run for any artist on the series. In 2014 Sejic launched his original graphic novel "Sunstone," which began as a webcomic on his devianART page.

Since its relaunch as part of DC's Rebirth initiative, "Aquaman" has utilized a rotating team of artists to maintain its double-shipping schedule, including Brad Walker, Philippe Briones and Scot Eaton. The solicitation for "Aquaman" #25 reads:

Written by DAN ABNETT • Art and cover by STJEPAN SEJIC • Variant cover by JOSHUA MIDDLETON

“UNDERWORLD” part one! In this extra-sized anniversary issue, former terrorists have replaced the Atlantean police. Crime lords control huge swaths of the kingdom. And a deadly undersea arsenal is trained on the surface-dwellers. All is as King Rath commands—and yet whispers persist of a rebel in the slums of Atlantis: A hero with the potential to change the world. A whole new era of AQUAMAN begins as master storyteller Stjepan Sejic (Sunstone, Death Vigil) joins series writer Dan Abnett for Arthur’s boldest and most harrowing adventure yet!On sale JUNE 21 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

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