Still More Responses to CCI News

Unsurprisingly, more cool news for us to discuss!

Including the announcement of the Amazing Spider-Man (almost) weekly creative team!

Amazing Spider-Man creative team!! Writers: Dan Slott, Zeb Wells, Marc Guggenheim, and Bob Gale. Artists: Phil Jimenez, Steve McNiven, Salvador LaRoca and Chris Bachalo.

Hmmm...there is some good, some REALLY good, and some mediocre there, but on the whole, it is probably better than DC's Countdown line-up (especially the artists), so Marvel is off to a nice start.

Jamie Delano doing a special Hellblazer project with artwork by Jock. That will be good. I trust Matt Wagner implicitly, so as silly as a Madame Xanadu comic book sounds, I will trust in him that it will be good.

Teen Titans East by Judd Winick and Ian Churchill. That was quite sporting of DC to put both creators on the same title.

By the by, how freakin' creepy do you have to get to go to a panel with a freakin' "Dan Didio Must Die!" T-Shirt?!?

It reminds me of this one guy who I banned on the CBR forums for talking about wanting to stab Bendis in the throat because he killed Ant-Man.


At least "Dan Didio Must Die!" can be taken as an actual joke!!!

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