Stiletto heels are so ... three years ago

One of the criticisms lobbed at the new Batwoman when she was introduced back in 2006 was that her costume played up the "lipstick lesbian" titillation angle. After all, who could effectively leap from rooftops and fight crime in those Alex Ross-designed stiletto heels?

Luckily for Kate Kane, and for us, artist J.H. Williams III has taken a more practical approach to Batwoman's costume.

In character designs posted Friday on the DC Comics blog, we're given a glimpse into Williams' thought process: Gone are the stilettos, replaced by boots -- with serious tread! -- "more realistic to purpose." She's given more heavily armored arm braces, with detachable points that transform into throwing weapons, and a protective mask.

I'm not sure at this point what I think about Batwoman's "retro-rockabilly" alter ego, but I'll concede that it's several steps up from the generic, slinky gown-wearing persona we were initially introduced to almost three years ago. This Kate Kane radiates personality with a look that's distinctive, at least in the DC Universe. Before, she could've been any background character from virtually any crowd scene.

Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams' take on Batwoman debuts in June in Detective Comics #854.

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