Sticky Graphic Novels Review

This past fall, Dale Lazarov launched a new line of graphic novels called Sticky Graphic Novels. Lazarov is the art director for the project, so he basically plots all of the graphic novels, which follow in the footsteps of Lazarov's acclaimed gay erotic graphic novels. These are wordless, character-based, sex positive graphic novels (with lots of sex in them, so don't go visiting the website for the company unless that's what you're looking to see). I'll give a quick overview of the initial three graphic novels from the line.

Greek Love is the banner image for this piece. It is about two Greek warriors who get their hearts pierced by Eros' arrow, causing them to fall in love (or at least lust) with each other. Eventually, Eros gets jealous and joins in himself. Adam Graphite drew the issue from Lazarov's script and it is pretty much exactly what you would expect from the banner image above. Two muscular warriors have a lot of sex. And then Eros joins in and then have some more sex. Graphite has an interesting Adam Hughes-esque style to his work. His colors are quite lush, as well. Lazarov and Graphite certainly come up with a number of interesting ways for these two warriors to go at each other.

Peacock Punks is about a rainy night causing five "punks" to decide to spend the night indoors and, you know, inside each other. This is just a playful book filled with group sex involving a bunch of uniquely designed guys. Mauro Mariotti and Janos Janecki do a fine job on the artwork and Lazarov's script is perhaps the best example of a "sex positive" story in these three works, as you can truly see how much he embraces the FUN aspect of this endeavor with this story.

Of the three books, I enjoyed Fast Friends the most, which is by Lazarov and artist Michael Broderick. Of the three books, it is the one with the most depth, story-wise. However, I certainly can't speak as to your specific interests. The other two books have more sex in them, so if that's what you are looking for, then fair enough, perhaps you'll dig the other books more. This one, though, while still having its fair share of sex, has a lot more non-sex pages in it than the other two, as it is about two men who find themselves at odds with their respective partners and after a chance meeting on a snowy night, they discover not just each other, but a better relationship than what they had before. To pull this all off without dialogue is quite a feat, and Lazarov's script and Broderick's character work makes it work well. I think it makes the sex pay off all the more so through the lead-up to it all, and the emotions connect a bit better as a result.

Once again, you can check out the full line (including links to purchase the books) here.

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