Steven Universe: Everything We Know So Far

A ton of fan questions and theories were settled since the 5th season finale of Steven Universe. In fact, so many questions were answered that some fans wondered if that was the end of the show. Luckily for those who want more, that is not the case. Former executive producer Ian Jones-Quartey commented that the finale is the end of the story arc, but not the franchise itself. There is even a movie on the way!

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So with a story arc that has been going on since 2011, what do we know so far? A lot! Here is a list of some major conclusions we learned since the 5th season finale.

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8 Lars Returns To Earth

Lars went from a whiny teenager who worked at a donut shop to a reanimated pink space pirate. By the end of the finale, he returns to Earth to see that he was not the only one who has changed either. Now Sadie is a confident rock star who has bonded a lot with the other teenagers of Beach City. In the future of the series, we will hopefully learn more about how Lars and Sadie work out in their complex relationship. It would also be interesting to learn more about what his pink form entails. We also still do not know the full story of Rose’s attachment to Pink Lion too. Lars may be the key to those answers.

It's also worth mentioning that Lars brought a group of new gems to Earth. We can look forward to seeing more of Padparadscha with her late future predictions, the Rutile Twins, Rhodonite, and Fluorite. With most of these characters being fusions, will we ever get to see them un-fuse or learn more about their backstories?

7 White Diamond’s Pearl Was Once Pink’s

Steven Universe fans have the amazing ability for having theories that turn out to be true. This happened in one of the biggest twists of the show: Rose Quartz actually being Pink Diamond. Like with Pink Diamond, a lot of theories were right when it came to White Diamond’s broken Pearl. Like Steven and his mom, the Pearl’s gem was in her stomach and that is how a lot of fans guessed this from the start.

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What caused Pink’s Pearl to become White’s is still unknown. We still do not even know her personality since she was mind-controlled for so long.What’s especially interesting about this fact is that could mean the Pearl from the main crew was originally White Diamonds before she became Pink’s.

6 Peace With The Diamonds

By the end of season 5, Steven had accomplished what was thought to be impossible: He won the other Diamonds over to join his side. Fans were already excited when Steven won over Yellow and Blue, but now he even got White to help him restore the corrupted gems. Between him, Yellow, White, and Blue, their power seems unstoppable together. How will there be more powerful enemies in the future? Perhaps we do not need a "Big Bad" anymore. After all, there is still a lot of closure needed for different characters. In fact, the peace between the Diamonds may be a shaky road.

How peace between the Diamonds and the Crystal Gems will fair in the future of the series will be very interesting. Yellow, Blue, and White still have a ton of room for development. Will they stick to righting their wrongs?

5 What Happens When Steven And His Gem Separate

A major highlight of the finale was seeing Steven and his gem separate (a scene animated by the amazing James Baxter). White Diamond pulled it from him, expecting Pink Diamond to awaken and appear. Instead, the gem just turned into a pink Steven. When questioned about where Pink Diamond was, pink Steven laid down the law by only answering with the words, “She’s gone.” It was a powerful moment too, literally ground-shattering when he had to repeat himself to White.

What did this mean? It meant that Steven was always Steven. His identity was his own, not his mothers. While her legacy drove the plot forward, Steven never had to be her. He never was her.

4 Jasper Is Back

Despite being a villain, Jasper was a fan favorite. Fans would laugh as to not cry whenever Jasper appeared only to be knocked back down. Luckily, she’s back, so we may see and learn way more about her in the future of the series. She was healed from the corruption in her gem because of Steven making an alliance with the diamonds.

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While she is back, she also appears to have physically changed. She has horns similar to the ones in her corrupted form. Will we get to see her reaction when she learns that Rose was Pink Diamond all along? That would be fun. From what we do know, she disposed Rose Quartz for shattering Pink. It's a big deal to learn that your favorite person and mortal enemy are actually the same being.

3 Corrupted Gems Have Been Healed

A major difference from here on out is that the corrupted gems that the Crystal Gems have collected throughout the series are finally healed. This brings a ton of new characters into the show. Are they going to return to Homeworld? Or will they make a life on Earth at Beach City?

Like Jasper, all these gems appear to have scars from their corruption but are otherwise fine. The uncorrupted gems seen in the finale that we may learn more about in the future include Nephrite and her crew, Worm Monster, Heaven Beetle, Earth Beetle, Watermelon Tourmaline, Ice Monster, Invisible Gem Monster, Water Bear, Crab Gem Monster, and Biggs Jasper. And that is probably not even all of them!

2 New Fusions Revealed

The finale was a fusion explosion between Steven and the Crystal Gems. We already knew many fusions between them such as Opal, Sardonyx, Smoky Quartz, Sugilite, and Alexandrite. In the finale though, we met a new form of Rainbow Quartz from Pearl and Steven (the first form was between Rose and Pearl).

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Between Steven and Garnet fusing, we got to meet Sunstone. The mega fusion we got to see though was Obsidian. She was Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all combined and fans recognized her as the design and backbone of the Crystal Gem’s Beach City home. Obsidian was huge, dark, made of lava, and angry. It was everything the fans wanted.

1 White Diamond Can Use Mind Control

Mind control is one of the most ethically traumatizing powers out there. With even Yellow and Blue being scared of White Diamond, it was not utterly surprising to fans that White Diamond would have such a power at her disposal.

What we did learn is that there are ways to defend against the mind control. Steven’s shield was able to block the blast so she could not control him. Hopefully, we will not see more of this frightening power in the future, but who knows?

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