Steven Universe Returns Next Month With 'Diamond Days'

Fans of Steven Universe can finally rejoice, as Cartoon Network has announced new episodes will begin airing on Dec. 17.

The episodes will part of the event known simply as "Diamond Days," which takes Steven and the Crystal Gems to space to finally meet the one and only White Diamond. White has been featured in background art and in lore of previous seasons, and now she'll show up in her full towering glory. The network also unveiled a new poster displaying White, Blue and Yellow Diamond above the Gems, as well as a new armor set for Steven.

Unlike Pink, Yellow and Blue, White is in charge of the whole front to colonize the universe, and treats her subordinates like nothing but children. The last aired episode in July saw Yellow and Blue come to Earth to finally destroy Steven and the Crystal Gems, but it took some convincing for the sisters to realize the Gems didn't shatter Pink Diamond -- Steven's mother Rose was Pink Diamond.

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The first episode of "Diamond Days" will be "Legs from Here to Homeworld," which debuted online in July. In that, Steven, the Gems and the Diamonds make their way to Homeworld to meet with White, but things don't exactly go according to plan. From there, more information about White and the Diamonds will be revealed -- in addition to classic Steven music and heart, of course.

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