Steven T. Seagle is Keynote Speaker at CHDI

Official Press Release

Man Of Action Studios partner Steven T. Seagle (Ben 10, SOUL KISS) has been selected to deliver the opening keynote address at the CHDI 5th Annual International HD Therapeutics Conference February 8-11, 2010, in Palm Springs, California. CHDI is a global network of scientists working to discover drugs that slow the progression or delay the onset of Huntington's disease (HD). The speech will center around the graphic novel it's a bird... which Seagle created with longtime collaborator artist Teddy Kristiansen (Le Carnet Rouge, House of Secrets). it's a bird... juxtaposes the reality of the disabling Huntington's Disease with the fantasy of the super-abled character Superman - themes Seagle plans to examine during his address. "It's definitely an honor, though I'm a little freaked out to be speaking to such a huge crowd of really smart people who are infinitely more informed about my subject matter," Seagle said, "But I'm excited that this book has found its way out of the standard comics bubble and managed to make an impact on the real world I was writing about."

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