Steven Spielberg Teases "I’ll Probably Do An 'Indy 5'" With Harrison Ford

Although he probably didn't intend to, Steven Spielberg has undoubtedly added fuel to speculation surround the future of the "Indiana Jones" franchise.

Talking with Yahoo! Movies about his new period thriller "Bridge of Spies," the director jokingly noted the stiff competition between Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford for the actor with whom he's worked most.

“We’ve gotta figure this out because, now, Tom is tied with Harrison Ford: Harrison and I did four movies, Tom and I have done four movies,” Spielberg said. “Now I’ll probably do an 'Indy 5' with Harrison, [so] it’ll be five for Harrison, four for Tom.” The obvious solution, he teased, is to follow "Indiana Jones 5" with another Hanks film.

Although some outlets are already jumping to conclusions, it's pretty clear Spielberg was only joking. And considering the polarizing effect of 2008's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," that's probably a good thing.

Despite rumors that we could see another Indiana Jones movie -- with or without Ford -- by 2018, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy made it clear there's no timetable. Heck, as of May, there wasn't even a script. Franchise producer Frank Marshall even went so far as to say there hadn't even been any discussions about "Indy 5."

So, yeah, Spielberg was only joking.

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