Steven Spielberg Plugs in For Warner Bros.' 'Ready Player One'

Steven Spielberg is set to direct "Ready Player One," an adaptation of Ernest Cline's sci-fi novel that's been in the works at Warner Bros. since 2010. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be the filmmaker's next project after "The BFG."

Zak Penn wrote the latest draft of the film, which follows the future-set adventures of Wade Watts, a teenager who plugs into a virtual world called OASIS. When the game’s creator dies, Wade is swept up in a treasure hunt to acquire the designer’s fortune.

The project marks the return of Spielberg to Warner Bros. for the first time since 2001's "A.I."

“We are thrilled to welcome Steven back to Warner Bros," Greg Silverman, the studio's president of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, said in a statement. “We had an historic series of collaborations in the '80s and '90s and have wanted to bring him back for years. As for 'Ready Player One,' we have always felt that Steven was the dream director for this project."


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