Steven Spielberg Kidnaps 'Edgardo Mortara'

Because he doesn't already have enough projects in development, Steven Spielberg has added one more possible film to his slate: The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara.

The legendary filmmaker will produce and possibly direct Edgardo Mortara, written by his Lincoln and Munich collaborator Tony Kushner. The film takes place in the 1850s and tells the true story of an Italian Jew who was kidnapped from his parents at age 7 and raised to become a Catholic priest.

Even if Spielberg directs Edgardo Mortara, it won't be his next picture. Variety reports that Kushner remains in the early stages of writing the script. Instead, Spielberg is currently deciding between historical drama Montezuma and the long-delayed Robopocalypse as his next directorial effort, with the latter considered the frontrunner.

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