Steven Spielberg is Writing a Horror Series You Can Only Watch at Night

Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg is slated to write a new horror series for Jefferey Katzenberg's upcoming streaming platform, Quibi. However, in an interesting twist, the series can only be watched at night.

"Steven Spielberg came in, and said, 'I have a super scary story I want to do,'" Katzenberg explained to an audience at the Baff World Media Festival in Canada. "He’s writing it himself. He hasn’t written anything in a while so getting him to write something is fantastic." Being no stranger to the horror genre, having worked on such projects as Jaws and Twilight Zone: The Movie, a horror show is right up Spielberg's alley.

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The show, as stated by Katzenberg, will be released across 10 to 12 "chapters" in short portions on the Quibi app, some of which have already been written by Spielberg. This ties into what Katzenberg envisions for Quibi, which is short for "Quick Bites."

"What Quibi is doing, it’s not really short form," Katzenberg continued. "We’re putting those sciences together. Chapters or act breaks that are 7 to 10 minutes long. They are specifically shot to be watched on the go. If you’re 25-35 years old, you get up and you’re on a smartphone for over five hours."

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The show, currently being developed as Spielberg's After Dark, is set to be one of Quibi's flagship programs when it launches next year. In regards to the viewing time for the series, it will tie into when the sun appears and vanishes: A clock will appear onscreen to countdown to the latter, after which viewers can see the show. For the former, when sunrise occurs, the episodes will disappear.

Spielberg's After Dark currently has no planned release date or cast information announced as of yet.

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