Steven Grant takes on "Odysseus The Rebel"

Official Press Release

ODYSSEUS THE REBEL, Steven Grant's take on the classic Odyssey story, will launch its serialization on the Big Head Press website August 4, the company announced.

The story will launch with the first 13 completed pages on that day, and then the story will update with a new page each the following Wednesday and Friday, continuing a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule until it is completed in July 2009.

"I've completed the first 65 pages of the 156-page story already, so keeping up with the schedule should be fairly easy," said Scott Bieser, who is illustrating the story.

Grant's version of Odysseus' voyage home from the Trojan war is a departure from the theme of the original story. Rather than simply being a luckless minor king who was batted about by feckless gods, Grant's Odysseus is a visionary rebel who challenges the gods' supremacy, standing up to these powerful beings to demand that he, and men generally, be free of supernatural interference, whether hostile or friendly.

"This is a hero the gods are determined to break, to prove forever that even the greatest of men is less than nothing to the smallest of gods, but he is a hero who will not be broken, even when his goal is snatched right out of his grasp, when the men under his command are butchered and crushed around him, when his comrades-in-arms are made to share his punishments only because they fought alongside him, when he is even cast down to hell," as Grant outlines the story.

Bieser will be drawing the story in a different style than what those familiar with his work are accustomed to. "The artwork will be black and white, with grey tones in a mostly cell-shaded style," Bieser explained. "The line work is streamlined, stylized and borrows a bit from the manga idiom, although a better term for it might be 'fusion style,'" he added.

"My goal is to create a more energetic style which will evoke the highly intense, driven personality of Odysseus," he said.

Grant has many credits in the comics-writing field but perhaps is best known for his work on Marvel Comics' PUNISHER miniseries of the mid-1980s (collected under the title CIRCLE OF BLOOD). Other Marvel credits include THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, and THE AVENGERS. He also scripted BADLANDS and COMICS X for Dark Horse, two CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION miniseries for IDW, and numerous DC Comics titles.

He currently pens "Permanent Damage," a weekly column commenting on the comics industry for the Comic Book Resources Web-zine.

Bieser first entered the comics industry as a penciler and cover colorist for Malibu Graphics' various imprints in the 1980s, drawing THE ROVERS, GAMBIT, and guest-penciling one issue of DINOSAURS FOR HIRE, as well as the first computer-drawn "adult" comic, CYBER-LUST.

He left comics for a career in the computer games industry but returned in 2002 to draw A DRUG WAR CAROL as a commissioned web-comic, which was later published in print form by Big Head Press. Subsequent works include THE PROBABILITY BROACH: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, written by L. Neil Smith, and ROSWELL, TEXAS, written by Smith with Rex F. "Baloo" May.

The URL for the serialization is http://www.bigheadpress.com/otr. Presently the site only has placeholder material, until the August 4 launch.

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