Steve Weissman Launches Weekly "Yikes" Web Strip at Fantagraphics Web site

Official Press Release

Having survived enough adventures to fill three mass-market paperbacks ("Don't Call Me Stupid," "Champs," and "White Flower Day"), Steven Weissman's own "Yikes" characters settle into an easy-to-read, free, weekly, four-panel comic strip beginning TODAY! Hosted by Fantagraphics on the World Wide Web, these all-new "Yikes"comics feature Li'l Bloody, Kid Medusa, "Sweet" Chubby Cheeks and the rest of your favorite cartoon idols.

A new "Yikes" strip will be available every Monday morning on the Fantagraphics site via a prominent "YIKES" link on the home page. For more information, contact Eric Reynolds at Fantagraphics Books.

By way of reference, Weissman's "Yikes" comics have been compared (favorably) with Charles Schulz' "Peanuts," Hal Roach's original "Our Gang" serials, Little Lulu, Speed Racer and Universal's classic monster movies. The "Yikes" tales have been widely hailed for their charming and respectful approach to childhood.

Steven Knight Weissman, at various times known as "Steve," "Ribs," and "Weissman" (but never "Stevie Knight," as one potential employer threatened to call him in 1987), was born in California on June 4, 1968. He's written and drawn comics for Marvel Entertainment, Nickelodeon Magazine and, most TRIUMPHANTLY, Fantagraphics Books. He currently lives in Little Armenia with his wife, Charissa, and their son, Charles.

"Steven Weissman is the best cartoonist to explore the fantastic world of children since John Stanley (Little Lulu)." - Gilbert Hernandez

"Weissman indirectly captures childhood better than most literal representations do." - The Onion

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