Steve Seagle to talk "It's A Bird..." on NPR's Fresh Air Wednesday June 9th

Official Press Release

Comic book writer Steven T. Seagle's interview on National Public Radio's FRESH AIR WITH TERRY GROSS has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 9, 2004 [barring any breaking news that might require the show to be rescheduled]. The show segment will feature discussion of Seagle and artist Teddy Kristiansen's new DC/Vertigo graphic novel IT'S A BIRD....

Seagle taped the interview last week. In addition to discussing the book directly, Gross also inquired about the related issues of Superman as a cultural icon, Huntington's Disease, the complexities of telling a story with verisimilitude, and the ability of comic books to address mature subject matters.

As described on her website, FRESH AIR WITH TERRY GROSS airs on more than 414 NPR stations across the country as well as in Europe on the World Radio Network. It is a one-hour program featuring Gross' in-depth interviews with prominent cultural and entertainment figures, as well as distinguished experts on current affairs and news.

Interested listeners can find a staion in their area as well as their locally scheduled airtime by logging on to http://freshair.npr.org/ or www.npr.org.

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