Steve Rude to focus less on comics, more on paintings due to low sales of <i>Nexus</i>

According to the DudeNews email newsletter, which features updates on comic artist Steve Rude's activities, Rude plans to focus more on painting in the future and less on comics, as he's lost money on Nexus since moving to self-publishing. His wife Jaynelle writes:

Nexus, co-created by Rude with writer Mike Baron, first appeared in 1981 and has been published over the years by Capital, First Comics and Dark Horse. Rude started self-publishing Nexus in 2006, with issues 99 and 100 of the series.

Blogger John Jakala shares his reaction to the news:

It bums me out to think of a dedicated comic pro losing money and not being able to pay his mortgage due to pursuing his dream of putting out comics. Luckily, Rude is able to support himself through other means, but it's a bummer to think that an incredible talent and industry legend like Rude isn't able to make a living via comics. I don't know if self-publishing was part of the problem, if that made it less likely for fans and retailers to see or order his work if it wasn't up at the front of the Previews catalog under one of the major comic publishers?

Jakala suggests heading over to Rude's website and purchasing some Nexus comics, which sounds like a fine idea to me.

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