Steve Rolston plots noir-ish webcomic, with the aid of Patreon

Steve Rolston, known for his work on such titles as Queen & Country, The Escapists and Ghost Projekt, is looking to return to telling his own stories -- well, one story in particular, involving a bear, a raccoon and a writer.

They star in a new webcomic Rolston is developing called Trapezius Pepper, which he describes as "noir-ish tale of a washed-up writer pushing his luck in a city of crime." Its' the product of years of Rolston's doodling and thinking while working on other projects. He's beginning Trapezius Pepper with a series of one-page comics to develop the story and his approach, before jumping into long-form storytelling.

An in-demand commercial storyboard artist, Rolston is looking directly to his fans to help support this creator-owned endeavor through Patreon. The minimum pledge is $1 per month, which allows supporters first-look access to the Trapezius Pepper strips as they're produced. For supporters with a little bit more to spare, rewards include being featured as a background character in the comic or getting an original pen-and-ink drawing mailed to you for each month you pledge.

"[Trapezius Pepper] will be free to the public when it launches, but in the meantime I'll be giving my patrons an exclusive look at my creative process and the comic pages as I make them," Rolstron writes on Patreon. "One of the problems with being a freelance artist is that I feel like I should constantly be chasing gigs to keep the rent paid. My landlord agrees. If I can get a bit of financial support from this Patreon, I can dedicate more time to working on this comic and start producing it at a faster pace."

Here's a look at the characters from Trapezius Pepper to give you a better idea of what to expect:

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