Steve Orlando Teases JLA/Doom Patrol Crossover Research


Announced at the Young Animal panel during Comic-Con International in San Diego, a crossover between the DC Universe and the publisher's Young Animal imprint is scheduled for early 2018. The first of the one-shot annuals sees Young Animal's headline title Doom Patrol cross paths with DC's Justice League of America from the creative team of Gerard Way, Steve Orlando and ACO.

In preparation for the project, Orlando shared some research photos that offer hints of what fans can expect when the issue arrives in stores.

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The first of the photos is a large, gold-plated projector, with the second and third appearing to be of Egyptian origin. It's not explicitly stated which photos are tied to the Doom Patrol/JLA one-shot and which are research materials for a possible new comic book project from Orlando, though the color exterior of the projector does match up with Robotman of Doom Patrol.

The DC/Young Animal crossover event will mark the end of the first phase of the Young Animal imprint and send each of the series into bold new directions for the new year.

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Each series has already crossed over with the DC Universe in its own way, whether small or big. Superman cameoed in an issue of Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, while Batman, Batwoman and Gotham’s roster of vigilantes are a constant presence in Mother Panic. The specials seem to be shining a light on these connections and bringing Young Animal more in line with the regular DC Rebirth continuity, if only for a month, and may settle questions about where they fit in the larger DC Universe landscape.

Doom Patrol Special #1 by Gerard Way, Steve Orlando and ACO is due out in January.

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