Steve Niles updates "Supernatural Freak Machine," Announces Cal McDonald Ongoing

Fans of the Steve Niles creation Cal McDonald have been wondering where he's been for the past couple of months. The supernatural investigator who battles with monsters, as well as his own hard drinking way of life, has been noticeably absent from the stands. "Supernatural Freak Machine," the most recent Cal McDonald series, was to have been a five-issue mini-series through IDW Publishing, but only three issues ever saw publication.

After some time, Niles posted an update at his forums on what's happened with the series and how it will return to comic shop shelves in the coming month.

"The series 'Supernatural Freak Machine' will not be finishing at IDW," Niles said in a post. "It's a long story and I don't want to get into details because other projects with IDW are moving forward. It just didn't work out with Cal.


"That's the bad news.

"The good news is Cal is heading back home to Dark Horse!"

Cal was originally set-up with Dark Horse Comics, then moved over to IDW Publishing with the "Supernatural Freak Machine" series, and now the character finds himself back at the publisher where it debuted at within the pages of "Dark Horse Presents." With the series now set-up at Dark Horse Comics, one had to wonder if fans will be expected to buy those early issues all over again, or wait for those issues to be published until the final two issues are released. Niles put fans fears to rest and offered up an alternative. "Don't worry; we're not going to ask you all to buy the 'Supernatural Freak Machine' series all over again. We wouldn't do that to you. Instead, Kelley Jones, Shawna Gore, Mike Richardson and I have all decided we will go straight to the trade! That's right! 'Supernatural Freak Machine' will be released as a trade including issues 1, 2 & 3 plus 44 bonus, never-before-seen pages and the conclusion of the story. I might even get a new prose short in there, if there's space."


Niles went on to announce a new monthly series to be set-up at the publisher. "After the trade, Dark Horse and I will be announcing 'Criminal Macabre,' a Cal McDonald monthly series!

"We're working out all the whens and wheres and whos, but I wanted to tell you guys that all is well in Cal McDonald land. And Hell, who knows, maybe those three issues from IDW will become big ol' collector's items or something.

"Thanks for hanging in there while things have been worked out, but soon you'll have more Cal monster-kicking action than you know what to do with!"

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