Steve Niles Takes Horror Home in '30 Days Of Night: Return To Barrow'

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San Diego, CA, December 31, 2003. Unlike fairy tales that are wrapped up in a tidy happy ending, the saga of 30 Days of Night goes on beyond the dates on a calendar. In March 2004, Steve Niles and IDW Publishing will prove that time... and vampires… wait for no one.

30 Days Of Night: Return To Barrow will expose deep secrets that no one expected. The trail of blood and deception left by the vampires has only begun. With the return to Barrow to learn what happened to his brother, Wayne Kitka will be racing not only to find the truth, but to also beat the oncoming thirty days of darkness.

Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith return to add another heavy layer of horror to the 30 Days Of Night story. The original 30 Days Of Night was the breakout hit of the year and one of the most sought-after comic books in the last five years. It garnered attention from the film and entertainment world as well, bringing new non-traditional readers into the comic stores. 30 Days Of Night: Return To Barrow promises to do more of the same.

According to writer Steve Niles, "I think readers will be pleasantly horrified by Return. It's a sequel much like Dark Days was, in that it follows certain characters in the aftermath of the vampire massacre. In Return to Barrow it's the town itself that's the lead character."

30 Days Of Night: Return To Barrow is something that retailers have been asking for from IDW Publishing. They continue to comment that it will command sales that rival the flood that the first series brought on.

30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow is a 32-page, full color comic book with a retail price of $3.99, debuting in March.

[Editor's Note: Steve spoke at further length about "Return To Barrow" as well as other IDW projects with CBR News on October 30th.]

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