Steve Niles returns with 'Hairball'

[Hairball]Today, IDW Publishing announced that writer Steve Niles, the creator of "Fused" and "30 Days of Night," will be unleashing a follow up to "Savage Membrane," starring the monster hunterCal McDonald, entitled "Hairball." Having initially been serializedby Dark Horse Comics, this 32-page collection comes with an all-new cover byinterior artist Casey Jones (known for his work on "Spider-Girl" and "Birdsof Prey") and the story focuses on some very savage werewolves who have athirst for human beings!

"Imagine a marriage of Philip Marlowe and 'The X-Files.' 'Hairball' could betheir baby -- it's just plain scary," says Beau Smith, VP of Sales andMarketing for IDW Publishing.

"I think Steve has the best concepts of anyone writing comics. As with '30Days of Night,' I'm sure this book is going to draw the attention of lots offolks in Hollywood," said Ted Adams, Publisher of IDW Publishing.

IDW will be releasing the collection in September 2002 and you can find moreinformation about their products and company at www.idwpublishing.com.

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