Steve Niles looks for artist, hints at new project

Writer and champion of creator-owned comics Steve Niles is using Twitter and other social media to find an artist to partner with on his next big project. He describes it as an historical drama about the Romans, druids and one of the greatest women warriors in history, so he's looking for a professional-level artist who can draw historically accurate armor and action. Those interested can send submissions to him at steve@steveniles.com.

Alhough he's being understandably close with the details, the setting and mention of an historical woman warrior suggest that the story could be about Boudicca, the Celtic warrior queen who led an uprising against the Romans around AD 60. IDW announced a Queen Boudicca comic by Niles and the artist known as Milx back in 2003, but it was never published. I'm just speculating, but perhaps this is a new attempt to bring that to life? If so -- actually, even if it's not -- it sounds awesome.

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