Steve Niles and Dan Taylor Help Launch "Western Tales of Terror"

Official Press Release

Accalimed Horror novelist, screenwriter, and comics creator Steve Niles and Independent Comics Superstar Dan Taylor of Hero Happy Hour are taking part in the premiere issue of Western Tales of Terror, a new horror anthology being published by Hoarse and Buggy Productions.

The book is an anthology series, featuring four stories, written by Niles, Taylor, newcomer Porter McDonald, and series Publisher Joshua Hale Fialkov. Art chores are being handled by Chuck "The Secret Skull" BB (www.reallybigmonster.com), Nick "Hyde" Stakal (www.nickstakal.com), and acclaimed illustrator Scott Keating (http://www3.nf.sympatico.ca/kkeating). Each issue will feature several 3-5 page stories and one longer multipart story that will take place over multiple issues.

"We couldn't be happier with the lineup for our first issue," says Publisher Joshua Hale Fialkov, "we have the best horror writer and the best independent creator working today, both donating their time and ideas to help make this book work. With the groundwork laid by them, and some really great guys already on board for issues #2 and #3, we hope that Western Tales starts a new trend in classic horror storytelling."

Niles came on board after hearing about the unique angle and feel the book was bringing to the horror world. "I love two...NO...three things! I love horror, diversity and different genres so when I was asked to do this anthology I was all over it."

Dan Taylor who is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of organizing anthologies (his Hero Happy Hour Super Special ships soon) said "The organization and care that Josh and his gang are putting into this book is incredible. It's great to see this kind of independent spirit and determination, and it shows in the quality of the book."

The other aspect of the book Fialkov is thrilled about is the chance to give opportunities to up and coming talent to be published alongside established professionals. "We're going to have a place on the website for serial style web comics (imagine Prince Valiant, only with the undead and cowboy boots) which will be a showcase for young talent, and we are hoping to build a vibrant message board community filled to the brim with the best and brightest in comics. We can cull artists, writers, even colorists and letterers from the board. So get in now, while the getting is good!"

The book is scheduled to premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, at the Hoarse and Buggy table in Independent Alley.

Be sure to check out www.westerntalesofterror.com for updates, previews, submission guidelines, as well as original webcomic content.

Hoarse and Buggy Productions (www.hoarseandbuggy.com) was founded in 2003 by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Christopher Arundel, and is the force behind cult webcomic Poorly Drawn Animals (www.poorlydrawnanimals.com), as well as it's animated counterpart which is currently a part of the I Hate Cartoons Animation Festival.

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