Steve Lightle launches Lunatick Press

Official Press Release

Announcing ... LUNATICK PRESS!

Everyone knows that publishing comics in today's market is a risky venture. In fact, most people will immediately tell you that it's a crazy idea.

So what's a comic loving guy to do?

I suppose I could continue to accept fewer and fewer comic book assignments, and do more and more advertising jobs. I could continue to focus all my energies on design work for Mobil Oil, Sterling Software, General Motors ... You know, the kind of "responsible" stuff expected ofan experienced commercial artist.

Or ... I could take a couple of weeks off of my paying work, and spend that time working exclusively on fun stuff! I could create new characters and concepts, and present them in a "preview" format. Sort of, an introduction to the kind of comics I'd create if I didn't have to concentrate on paying the bills.

That's a crazy idea, I know ...

Well, the first black and white book is at the printer, and should be available to the comic buying public in just a few days!

Y'know, I'm feeling good about this, folks! I think that this is the beginning of something ... something that could go places!

I've worked for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, on iconic characters that are known around the world. I've poured my creativity into supporting large and small comic book publishers. In 1998/2000 I worked my tail off, writing, drawing, and editing comic books for a publisher of Sword & Sorcery comics. We managed to win Diamond's Gem Award for Best New Publisher of 1999. Now, that felt good ... but sales were difficult, and working on licensed properties, such as the fantastic characters of Robert E. Howard, proved to be fraught with unforeseen difficulties.

Maybe it's time that I channeled my energies into publishing characters created solely by me. You realize, that's not such a crazy idea, after all. I'll tell you one thing ... I'm as excited about these new characters as I've ever been about Batman, Spider-man, the X-Men, Red Sonja, Flash, or any of the other well known characters I've worked on.

And ... You know what, I'm not even worried about competing with the big publishers. They have big budgets. They have multimillion dollar lines of credit. They have the funding of multinational corporate conglomerates. I'd be truly crazy to try to do things on the scale that these publishers can. Instead, LUNATICK PRESS is starting small. I'll be producing humble little books, but I promise to put as much concentrated creative effort into LUNATICK PRESS as I've ever put into the work I've done for the "big boys."

Not only that, but at a buck fifty ... you can afford LUNATICK PRESS comics!

What's wrong with being a little bit crazy?

Steve Lightle

PS: I'll give you more details in just a few days!

Join the LunaTick Press discussion group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lunarletters

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