Steve Lightle goes 'Justin Zane' for new webcomic

Veteran creator Steve Lightle is busy contributing covers to DC Comics, but also spending much of his time on a new series, Justin Zane. Described as a comic "set in the future but made for the NOW!," Justin Zane is a sci-fi romp reminscent more of Barbarella than Lightle's work on The Legion of Super-Heroes.

Centering on a patient who adopts the name Justin Zayne while under the care of psychiatrist Glimmer Starborn, involves a TV host named Catrina Fellina, rock bands called the Idle Reich, and more. Part of an effort by Lightle to control his own destiny and creativity, Justine Zane is in need of support on Patreon.

"As everyone now knows, Marvel and DC Comics are owned by larger corporations with agendas and goals far beyond those of mortal artists," Lightle explained. "Although I have created characters, stories and designs, within the corporate system, I have also seen those creations compromised and bastardized. It's a bit like playing in another kid's yard.  You do your best and you have a good time - but whenever they want, they can take their ball and go inside.  Unfortunately, in this scenario, the ball is your creation and they own it completely."

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