Steve Lieber talks Whiteout, research and the secret to drawing good snow

Mike Russell talks at length with artist Steve Lieber about collaborating with Greg Rucka on Whiteout, the just-released film adaptation -- it didn't fare well at the box office -- and what went into making the 11-year-old Oni Press miniseries: "I was a damned troll under a bridge. [laughs] I was just really unpleasant. I was solving new problems, and rather than feeling satisfied that I was solving new problems, I was getting angry because everything wasn't coming out perfect the first time I put a line down. I would spend 10 hours, 11 hours, 13 hours, 14 hours. I wasn't sleeping right. I wasn't treating myself right. But in the end, one decent page after another was coming off my table -- and it was the first time that I could really say that about my career."

Russell also transforms part of the interview into an entertaining comic.

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