Steve Goldman's "Styx Taxi"Returns to The Chemistry Set

Official Press Release

The Chemistry Set is pleased to announce that after an extended hiatus, Steven Goldman and his series Styx Taxi are returning to the site's weekly line-up, starting November 8th with a story worthy of the Halloween season, "Federico", with art by longtime ChemSetter Tom Williams (Oni Press' No Dead Time, the Chemistry Set's Stuck).

Styx Taxi is an ongoing series of stories about New York's only taxi service for the dead. The ghostly drivers of Styx Taxi offer the souls of the recently-deceased the chance to cross back through the veil, to take two precious hours and make peace with the life they're leaving behind. Contentment and closure, that's their goal.

"That premise gets a sharp tweak with 'Federico"," says Goldman. "Dom, one of Styx's drivers, has to help a soul get out of an unusual prison: his own body. Someone's turned Federico into a zombi, and whoever it was, they won't take kindly to someone undoing their hard, horrifying work."

Styx Taxi started as a print series in 2003, published by FWDBooks, and will continueto straddle the print/web divide. The first three one-shots, Pastrami for the Dead, A Little Twilight Music and As Above, So Below are all still available from the publisher at styxtaxi.fwdbooks.com.

Steven Goldman is a writer soaking up life in the wilds of Austin, Texas. In addition to writing Styx Taxi, he co-wrote the political thriller Everyman: Be the People with his brother Dan (artist on Shooting War), and contributed a story to the forthcoming anthology Postcards: California Dreaming.

Tom Williams is a freelance artist based out of Columbus, Ohio. He illustrated stories in the forthcoming Lifelike (IDW), 24seven Vol. 2 (Image), the graphic novel No Dead Time (Oni, recently released in Spain by Dibbuks), The Chemistry Set's Stuck with Vito Delsante, and is a regular contributor to the anthology series Panel. He also creates and self-publishes his own work, including Misa and SPB:Rise! Outside of comics, he does a variety of client work, from print and web design to branding and mural work. Check out more of his work at www.opencrashcomics.com.

Check out the series that Newsarama called "a thinking person's comic full of deep writing and incredible energy," and that J.M. DeMatteis called "sharp, challenging, touching."

"Federico" will serialize on Thursdays starting November 8th, with "Wipe That Weary Brow," "Slow Hand" and other stories to follow.

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