Steve Gldman And "Styx Taxi" Join The Chemistry Set

Official Press Release

Starting Thursday, November 9th, the webcomics collective THE CHEMISTRY SET welcomes writer Steven Goldman (STYX TAXI, EVERYMAN: Be The People) and his talented collaborators to its ranks. Goldman's work will appear every Thursday on the site -- alongside Elizabeth Genco's SCHEHERAZADE -- beginning with a serialization of his urban fantasy series STYX TAXI.

"STYX TAXI is the story of NYC's finest (and only) taxi service for the dead," said Goldman. "STYX's drivers are ghosts, borrowing the bodies and rides of living cabbies to ferry the souls of the recently-deceased back across the veil. Each soul they pick up gets the chance of, well, a lifetime: two short hours and relatively free reign to make peace with the life he/she left behind, before moving on to...whatever's next."

The first few months of STYX TAXI will showcase the work of talented illustrators such as Jeremy Arambulo (SIGLO: PASSION, THE BUSHWICK CHRONICLES), Goldman's brother Dan Goldman (SHOOTING WAR, 718), and Rami Efal (24SEVEN, HEBI NO HADA). "Shortly thereafter, THE CHEMISTRY SET will premiere a brand-new STYX TAXI story I'm working on with Hyeondo Park, Jim Dougan's immensely talented collaborator on COME THE DAWN, " said Goldman. "The STYX TAXI stories will carry us at least up through February 15th, 2007, when artist David Marquez and I will start serializing a new book, a corporate thriller entitled CHARMER...but more about that later."

"Deciding to join THE CHEMISTRY SET took almost no thought at all," Goldman said. "I've known Vito [Delsante] for almost as long as I lived in New York City; Neil [Kleid] and I share Detroit roots and a love of both Faygo's Rock'n'Rye soda and making comics; Elizabeth [Genco] and I have been friends and fellow sounding-boards for ages; and I've been enjoying Chris [Arrant]'s work on Newsarama for years. So when I first heard whispers about the four of them pooling efforts on a webcomics site with a writer/artist collaborative focus, I knew it was something I'd want to be a part of. Frankly, I'm honored they'd have me as part of the experiment that is THE CHEMISTRY SET."

STYX TAXI has garnered a significant amount of critical acclaim, including the following:

"STYX TAXI is sharp, challenging, touching. A smartly-scripted, well-drawn comic book that clearly comes from the heart." -- J.M. DeMatteis

"STYX TAXI is a thinking person's comic full of deep writing and incredible energy." -- Ryan McLelland, Newsarama

"STYX TAXI – This whole story dances on wires. So sad, so wonderful, so true." -- Donna Barr, author of The Desert Peach and Stinz

"It's a series of little moments, but they're great moments." -- Troy Brownfield, Newsarama's "Best Shots"

Starting November 9th, join Goldman and company Thursdays at THE CHEMISTRY SET for STYX TAXI... and the ride of your afterlife.

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