Steve Ditko: A CBR Retrospective

After the legendary comic book artist Steve Ditko passed away at the end of June, it was not reported right away. It took about a week for the news to be confirmed. After that point, we dedicated a number of stories here at CBR to Ditko, not only about the iconic characters that he helped create like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, but also the comic book companies where he worked and various aspects from Ditko's comics themselves, like his costume designs and his unique handling of fight sequences.

We have decided to collect them all for you together so that you can read them all at once, if you'd like.

1. How Steve Ditko Defined Spider-Man for a Generation

2. Ditko’s Doctor Strange Was Psychedelic Before Psychedelic Was a Thing

3. When Charlton Comics Hit the Bullseye With Steve Ditko

4. Shades of a Changing Man: Steve Ditko at DC Comics

5. Steve Ditko’s Triumpha…Well, Steve Ditko’s Return to Marvel Comics

6. Power Rangers, Squirrel Girl and the WWE: Steve Ditko in the 1990s

7. Steve Ditko: An Independent Man

8. Killjoy: What If Steve Ditko Had Invented Deadpool?

9. The Ditko Doctor Strange Story That Wasn’t a Doctor Strange Story

10. When Steve Ditko Brought the ‘Thunder’ at Tower Comics

11. Ditko at Atlas Comics: The Unexpected Ditko/Martin Goodman Reunion

12. Steve Ditko’s Outstanding Two Years of Horror at Warren Publishing

13. The Most Communicative ‘Recluse’ Around: Letters From Ditko to Fans

14. The Marvel Monsters of Steve Ditko

15. Steve Ditko’s Role in the Creation of the ‘Marvel Method’

16. Steve Ditko Speaks!

17. A Steve Ditko Costume Is Identifiable By a Single Glove or Boot

18. The Art of the Steve Ditko Fight Sequence

19. The Artists That Influenced Steve Ditko’s Comic Book Art Style

20. Steve Ditko and His Life In (and Out of) Photographs

In addition, there were a number of Comic Book Legends Revealed about Ditko, as well. Here they are:

1. Was Steve Ditko Really a Recluse?

2. Did Ditko Almost Do a Spider-Man Series in the 1990s?

3. Did Lee and Ditko Almost Do Ravage 2099 Together?

4. Did Ditko Almost Reboot Captain Atom at DC Comics?

5. Did Untold Tales Block Ditko’s Return to Spider-Man?

6. Are There Unpublished Ditko Doctor Strange Stories?

7. Did Ditko Really Draw Spider-Man in an Issue of Rom?

8. How Ditko Led to One Final Lee/Romita Spider-Man Comic

9. Would Ditko Really Do Mr. A Stories for Free for Fans?

10. The Ditko DC Comic That Got an Accidental Extra Issue

11. Did Ditko Destroy a Comic Over a Lettering Dispute?

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