Steranko pledges $100,000 for terrorist victims

Official Press Release

"I believe part of every American died as they watched the Twin Towers

collapse on the mass of humanity working inside them that day. But, like

most others, I realized there was one thing that no terrorist attack could

ever destroy: our spirit.

"Personally, I'm fighting my own war against anger and frustration, a war

I'm certain is shared by my family, friends, and fellow citizens across the

nation. Our weapons are courage and compassion, weilded with the kind of

resolution that our enemies never expected. It's a war we must win.

"Obviously, our lives will never be the same as they were before 9/11, but

at least we're still here. Now, it's up to us to do something for those who

died--and for those they left behind."

Steranko recently called upon comics creators and consumers to unite for

the purpose of enhancing awareness of individual responsibility in the arts

and now he's defined his personal commitment.

"I'm pledging $100,000 to terrorist victims, an amount that will be raised

through the sale of a new art print--I call it THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA."

Heralded for his spectacular patriotic covers and panoramas, Steranko has

generated the definitive image of the classic patriotic hero CAPTAIN

AMERICA, a powerful vision celebrating the legend of comics' fighting

sentry, from his battle-scarred WW2 creation through the Cold-War revival

to today's turbulent crusade.

"Captain America has always been my favorite character and I know he holds

a unique place in the hearts of all comics fans. It's a great honor to be

associated with him again in this special cause," Steranko says, referring

to his innovative series that redefined the American champion in the Marvel

Age of Comics.

THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA is being released exclusively as a high-quality

18x24" LIMITED EDITION PRINT signed and numbered by the artist and

reproduced on 100-pound Archival Matte Paper Stock and will be available at

all comic shops in January 2002. In a joint venture with Marvel Comics,

Vanguard Productions, and Diamond Comic Distributors, Steranko has pledged

a 100% DONATION to WTC Charities in the amount of $100,000!

"I hope you'll join my fight to maintain liberty and justice for all


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