Steranko covers 'The Domino Lady' in August

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BORDENTOWN, NJ: The world of pulp magazine crimefighters was largely a Club, but there were exceptions. One of them, THE DOMINO LADY, is targeted in a new trade paperback from Bold Venture Press, with a sensational, new cover by JIM STERANKO.

"We'll revive the Domino Lady in the beauty and style with which she was created," Steranko says. "When I accepted the assignment, I already had most of the image composed on the canvas of my imagination: dangerous, elegant, mysterious--and sexy! She's the quintessential '30s pulp vixen, a masked manhunter in a noir deco world, right out of a Warner Bros. thriller."

The Steranko portfolio is a virtual Who's Who of classic fictional icons. For Marvel comics, he set the pace for Captain America, the X-Men, and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. In other media, he redefined such characters as The Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Philip Marlowe, Indiana Jones, Mike Hammer, and The Phantom, plus a phalanx of pulp heroes, including Conan, Doc Savage, G-8 and his Battle Aces, Norgil the Magician, Buck Rogers, and The Shadow, for which he painted 30 covers and created the definitive paperback version of the character. Now, he'll add another credit to his line-up.

The Domino Lady incorporates four Steranko favorites: pulp fiction, mystery, art deco, and beautiful women. One of a handful of series femme fatales depicted on pulp covers, she starred in six stories, originally published in SAUCY ROMANTIC STORIES and MYSTERY ADVENTURE STORIES--two of the infamous "spicy" pulps from Fiction Magazines Inc.

Author Lars Anderson pitted the Domino Lady against vicious gangsters andsecret societies, while maintaining the breezy, light-hearted style of a romantic cinematic comedy. As the Domino Lady, socialite Ellen Patrick devoted her life to fighting the politicians and criminals responsible for her father's murder--but still makes time for penthouse parties, bubble baths, ballroom dances, and romantic evenings with handsome playboys on both sides of the law.

COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY marks the first time that her lethaladventures have been collected in a single volume. The new 96-page Bold VenturePress edition will retail for $12.95 and goes on sale in August 2003.

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