Stephen King's "Dark Tower" Comics Delayed until 2007

It looks like comic fans will have to wait a little bit longer than expected to check out one of the biggest events to happen in the comics industry in years.

In October, Marvel Comics announced that Stephen King would bring the next chapter in the "Dark Tower" series to comics in April of 2006. Yesterday, King announced on his Web site that the series will be delayed almost one year, to February of 2007.

"Stephen and Marvel have decided to push back the launch of the Dark Tower comic books to 2007," said a notice on Kings Web site. King added, "Given the size of the project and all the creative talent involved, I want to give the Marvel series all the room to breathe it needs and deserves. I've got so much else going on in 2006 - two novels coming out, 'Cell' and 'Lisey's Story,' and the work with John Mellencamp on 'Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.' The Marvel series is going to be a blast, and I want to have the time to enjoy it."

With the first issue hitting in February of 2007, the six-issue series will conclude in July of 2007, with a hard cover collection to come in October of 2007.

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