Stephen King's The Mist Canceled After Just One Season

Spike has canceled its television adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist after just one season.

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The Hollywood Reporter notes that although the horror thriller, about a small town that's suddenly enveloped by an unnatural fog, premiered in June to 1.5 million viewers, subsequent episodes struggled to draw 800,000.

The cancellation comes ahead of plans to rebrand Spike in January as the Paramount Network as part of a larger effort to reinvigorate parent company Viacom.

The decision came with Spike poised to be rebranded as Paramount Network in January 2017 as part of a plan to reinvigorate parent company Viacom. This change raised the scrutiny on the show's ability to perform for a second season as it retold King's novella with the Copeland family trying to evade a mysterious and murderous mist in Maine.

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The first, and now only, season of The Mist ended on a cliffhanger as the Copeland family discovered the government's ties to the danger otherworldly and murderous fog.

News of the loss of The Mist arrives as the feature adaptation of King's It becomes the highest-grossing horror film ever, and television dramas based on Gerald's Game and 1922 are poised to join such series as Mr. Mercedes, Under The Dome and 11/22/63.

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