Stephen King Introduces the Losers' Club in It Featurette

losers' club from it

Author Stephen King reintroduces fans to the Losers' Club in a featurette for the new adaptation of It.

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In the video, King addresses why the young misfits are the only one who can defeat the malevolent entity that manifests as the clown Pennywise, even though everyone knows something needs to be done to stop the disappearances in Derry.

"Kids have a wider perspective. They see more, believe more, they notice more," he says, adding that he wanted to create characters who were beginning to disbelieve in most childlike fairy tales, but still could believe in the truth of a scary clown haunting the sewers. "These kids no longer believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. But then when the lights are out, they're still afraid that there's something under the bed."

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The members of the Losers' Club are all adolescents, which puts them in that perfect spot of limbo between childhood and adulthood, which makes them more than equipped to ignore the adults of the town who don't believe them, go up against Pennywise and win.

"Those kids are the only people able to battle this creature because they're the only ones who still believe in monsters," King says.

Directed by Andres Muschietti, It stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, Finn Wolfhard, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Wyatt Oleff, Nicholas Hamilton, Owen Teague and Logan Thompson. The film is playing in theaters nationwide.

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