Stephen King and JJ Abrams Re-Team For Hulu's Castle Rock

On the heels of "11.22.63," J.J. Abrams will re-team with Stephen King for the Hulu anthology series "Castle Rock," named for a fictional town from the author's novels.

Abrams' Bad Robot Productions debuted a teaser for the project that depicts the people and places from King's novels connected by what turns out to be the veins of a map. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that's a apparently an accurate representation of the premise, as the series will weave together the characters and themes from the books that use Castle Rock, Maine, as a setting.

Abrams will executive produce, but no other details have been announced.

Introduced in King's 1979 novel "The Dead Zone," tiny Castle Rock has served as the setting of such popular works as "Cujo," "The Body" and "Needful Things." The town has been referenced in many more of the author's books, including "Pet Sematary," "It," "The Stand," "Under the Dome" and "Doctor Sleep."

Rob Reiner also refers to Castle Rock, Oregon, in "Stand By Me," his 1986 adaptation of King's novella "The Body." The director later named his production company Castle Rock Entertainment.

In addition to "Castle Rock," there are also television series in development based on King's "The Mist," "Mr. Mercedes" and "The Dark Tower" (the latter as part of an ambitious adaptation of his fantasy epic that includes a film trilogy and interlocking TV miniseries).

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