Stephen King's It Arrives With Chilling New Trailer

Pennywise is no longer relegated to the shadows in the newest trailer for IT,  the Warner Bros. adaptation of Stephen King's bestselling 1986 novel.

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Instilling coulrophobia in a new generation, the trailer brings the serial-killing clown to the forefront, and that doesn't bode well for the members of the Losers' Club.

Part one of a projected two-part story, director Andrés Muschietti's film follows a group of misfit children who come together one summer to confront the mysterious, shape-shifting creature that has plagued their town for years, most frequently in the form of a clown named Pennywise. The story was previously adapted as a 1990 TV miniseries starring Tim Curry as the killer clown, and its most famous scene is even homaged in the new trailer, with Curry's line of "We all float down here" thematically reoccurring throughout the new footage.


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Based on Stephen King’s classic novel of the same name, IT stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, Finn Wolfhard, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Wyatt Oleff, Nicholas Hamilton, Owen Teague and Logan Thompson. The film floats its way into theaters on Sept. 8.

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