Stephen King helps to unleash <i>American Vampire</i> at Vertigo

Late last night Vertigo announced the March premiere of American Vampire, an ongoing series by short-story writer Scott Snyder and Blue Beetle artist Rafael Albuquerque.

But there's an even bigger name involved -- much bigger: Stephen King, who will write one of the two stories in the initial five-issue story arc.

According to the DC Comics imprint, American Vampire will introduce "a new breed of vampire — a more muscular and vicious species of vampire with distinctly American characteristics."

Snyder's storyline, set in the Jazz Age, will focus on Pearl, an ambitious woman who dreams of becoming a star. King will provide the origin of the first American vampire -- Skinner Sweet, a murderer and bank robber of the 1880s.

“I love vampire stories, and the idea of following the dark exploits of a uniquely American vampire really lit up my imagination," King is quoted as saying. "The chance to do the origin story — to be 'present at the creation' — was a thrill. I owe big thanks to Scott Snyder for letting me share his vision, and sip from his bucket of blood.”

The Daily Beast has more details, including background from Snyder, who has written a Human Torch one-shot and an upcoming X-Men arc for Marvel.

For more, see Comic Book Resource's coverage.

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