Stephen King Joins the Funko Universe with a Bloody Pop!

Horror legend Stephen King's place in history will be further cemented as Funko has announced not one but two vinyl figures for the Funko Pop! Icons line.

"Bring home the artistic luminary, best-selling novelist Pop! Stephen King," Funko declared on its website.

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The first figure captures King's genius and trademark "everyman" appeal by showing his signature metal-framed silver glasses. He is seen holding a leather-bound notebook while sporting a black long-sleeved sweater and gray slacks. Funko even added a hint of personality by giving King a confident stance with one hand in his pocket.

King also gets a Barnes and Noble exclusive Pop! that captures the blood, gore and terror many readers have grown accustomed to as the figure holds an ax in one hand and a book in the other with blood dripping from his hair. This is seemingly a nod to such King classics as Misery and The Shining.

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In his 50-plus years as a published author, King has sold over 350 million copies worldwide (many as himself and others under pen names). Many of his works have been adapted to film, television and comics.

The Stephen King Funko Pop! has yet to receive a release date, though Funko's website assures it's coming soon.

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