Stephen King Discusses The Ambitious <i>Dark Tower</i> Plan

A film and television adaptation of The Dark Tower is on the way courtesy of Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman, Brian Grazer, Universal Pictures and NBC Universal Television Entertainment, if it please ya. And if it doesn't, at least it pleases author Stephen King.

"I always thought it would take more than a single movie, but I didn’t see this solution coming — i.e., several movies and TV series," King said of the announcement in an e-mail interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It was Ron [Howard] and Akiva [Goldsman]'s idea. Once it was raised, I thought at once it was the solution."

As for what makes Howard the right person to adapt King's critically acclaimed novel series, the author said: "When working as a director, Ron is very similar to the way I work as a writer. We both tell honest stories that have (I flatter myself) style and substance but not a lot of show-offy frills."

While some fans would prefer a network such as HBO for The Dark Tower due to its mature content, King has no problem housing the project under NBC's roof. "I don’t see that as a problem at all! We’ll have just enough latitude to make a great series," he explained. "I’ve worked in network TV before, and every time I was squeezed a little, it just made me look for creative solutions. Besides, I always like to play in the biggest auditorium available!"

In terms of casting, King joked that the Twilight cast would fit well within the Dark Tower universe. Speaking seriously, he revealed that he's always envisioned actress Angela Bassett as Susannah, and that he would love to supply the voice of Blaine the Mono.

"Mostly I just want good people in those parts," he concluded. "Ron Howard will find them, I’m sure."

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