Stephen King's Dark Tower Comics Leave Marvel For Another Publisher

After more than a decade at Marvel, Stephen King's Dark Tower comic book are moving to Simon & Schuster's graphic novel division, Gallery 13.

King's novels have been published by Simon & Schuster since 1995, and just three years ago, the company acquired the rights to most of his earlier works. At the time, King noted, “It’s a no-brainer, really. Good publishing and good relationships equals happy writers and long shelf life. I know from experience that this group of people—at Scribner, at Pocket, at Simon & Schuster Audio, and throughout the company—values the work I do, and wants to find as many readers as possible for the books I write, both now and in the future. Trusting them with this large body of work is my pleasure. We are excellent allies and good friends.” Therefore, it is not surprising that he would move his Dark Tower comics there when he had the chance.

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Sure enough, King noted, “I’m delighted to see my stories in this exciting format, where they can reach new readers."

The Dark Tower fantasy epic began in 1982 and spanned seven novels before ending in 2004. The adventures of gunslinger Roland Deschain throughout a series of parallel worlds was turned into a film in 2017 starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, and is rumored to be adapted once more for television.

At Marvel, there were two separate projects as part of a Dark Tower deal with King. The company released a series of prequel comic books written by Peter David and Stephen King research assistant (and Dark Tower expert) Robin Furth, with art by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove. The first book in the series was called The Gunslinger Born.

There were a total of five miniseries detailing Roland's early years. Marvel then adapted the Dark Tower novels themselves in a series of six books, each written by David and Kurth and drawn by Isanove.

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One of the first Gallery 13 projects was a re-release of the 1982 Stephen King and Bernie Wrighton adaptation of Creepshow, so the imprint clearly make sense as a home for these Dark Tower stories.

Gallery 13 will release the first one of the prequel series (now officially titled Dark Tower: Beginnings) on Aug. 14 Each graphic novel will cost $24.99. They will release a new book every two weeks. The official graphic novel adaptation of Dark Tower will then begin to be released in spring 2019.

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