Stephen King Has a Creepy AF Sesame Street Pitch

Sesame Street has seen a variety of guests come and visit its world during its long existence, with such celebrities as Robin Williams, Christopher Reeve and Sir Ian McKellen making appearances. But popular author Stephen King has a very disturbing character from one of his works in mind as a guest star for the show.

On his personal Twitter, King jokingly stated that it would be cool to see the infamous Pennywise the Dancing Clown from his famous 1986 horror novel It appear on the popular preschool show.

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"Pennywise on Sesame Street! Wouldn’t that be cool?" the author proclaimed in the tweet. "He could give out balloons! Bert and Ernie would float! EVERYBODY would float! The kids would love it!"

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It is highly unlikely that Sesame Street would ever use a character like Pennywise. However, given that the show has done parodies of more adult-oriented works in the past, a child-friendly spoof of It probably wouldn't be out of the question for a future episode.

Premiering Saturday, Nov. 16 at 9 a.m. on HBO, Season 50 of Sesame Street will be the last season to air on the channel before the series moves to HBO Max next year, with the upcoming streaming service having access to the entire 50-year Sesame Street library.

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