Stephen Colbert's Adventure Time Parody Targets Trump's 'Policy Time'

In these divisive times, Stephen Colbert has answered a question on every American's mind: What would Donald Trump look like if he lived in Adventure Time?

News broke this week that the Trump's team is having him focus purely on policy decisions in allotted "policy time." Late Night With Stephen Colbert decided to envision these meetings a la Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. The video also features White House Chief of Staff John Kelly as a Dog and various anthropomorphized foods. The clip, which starts with a parody of Adventure Time's theme song, gives a brief vision of what Trump's "policy time" would look like in the Land of Ooo.

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This isn't the first time Colbert has given Trump a classic, animated treatment. Way back on the show's election night special, Trump's decision to run for President of the United States was re-imagined in the vein of the beloved Batman: The Animated Series.

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Adventure Time wrapped up it's tenth and final season earlier this year. Hopefully this posthumous parody signals a long lasting legacy for Finn, Jake and their many edible friends.

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