Stephen Amell Teases Sci-Fi Movie Starring Robbie Amell

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell has debuted a teaser for the mysterious sci-fi movie "Code 8," headlined by his cousin Robbie Amell and "Fast & Furious" actor Sung Kang.

"I've been working on something," writes Stephen Amell, who's one of the producers of the project.

The teaser introduces Lincoln City, where 4 percent of the people possess "abnormal abilities," yet make up 60 percent of all arrests. Robbie Amell ("The Flash," "The Tomorrow People" appears to be one of those with special abilities, while Kang is shown behind the wheel of a police car.

The "Code 8" website prominently features a clock counting down to March 22, presumably when we'll see a full-length trailer.

Directed by Jeff Chan from a script by Chris Pare, "Code 8" also stars Geoff Mclean, Tommy Dingwall, Chan and Pare.

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