Stephen Amell Talks Matt Ryan Coming to "Arrow," Whether Batman Might One Day Appear

Stephen Amell is currently in Chicago, where he attended Wizard World on Saturday. At a panel featuring only himself, the "Arrow" star discussed the upcoming fourth season and looked ahead to the show's future.

Prior to flying to Chicago, Amell was apparently filming scenes with Matt Ryan, the British actor who will be reviving the title character from the canceled "Constantine" series and bringing him over to the Arrow-verse. "I've been filming scenes all week long with Matt Ryan," Amell said with a smile. "He is such a treat. And a trip. He's always saying his lines -- and he's getting ready to go on Broadway right now with Kiera Knightley, so he's always saying those lines, too. I can't tell if he's having a conversation with me, or preparing. And sometimes I chime in, he'll be like 'I wasn't talking to you, mate.'"

Watch him talk about working with Ryan, as well as whether he had any influence on the showrunners' decision to bring Constantine on board, below (via Comicbook.com).

The line of questioning that led to those comments actually started when a fan asked if any of the "heavyweights from Gotham," specifically Batman. On that topic, Amell revealed that he talked to DC Entertainment chief Diane Nelson about that very thing. Nelson told him that they wanted to make "the best version of each thing and not forcing crossovers just for the sake of forcing them."

However, that doesn't mean there won't be appearances of DC's other big guns, though Amell admitted it would be "tough." "In the same way that... [Ezra Miller's] playing the Flash in the cinematic universe -- theoretically, we haven't seen him yet -- I see no reason why we couldn't have our own Bruce Wayne." He added, "That's my opinion; that might not be DC's opinion, and their the bosses."

Lastly, Amell addressed the sort of inverse of the previous question, regarding whether or not his Arrow might ever appear in the big screen DC Cinematic Universe. His answer was again hypothetical, but pretty clear: "Yeah, sure," he said. "I mean, that's pretty much the answer. Whenever I talk to people, it's like, 'This is an evolving process,'" he expounded. "And there's absolutely no contractual barriers and/or creative barriers between me and being in a movie, one of the DC movies."

He did add that, even if the opportunity arrives, it would still come down to if he wanted to do it. "I love 'Arrow.' I love the universe that we have helped launch, now with 'Flash' and with 'Legends of Tomorrow' and... I don't know if 'Supergirl' is in our universe. Who knows?... But I'm super busy."

When he said that last bit, he mentioned his forthcoming role as Casey Jones in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" sequel. He caught himself before he revealed how many films he's signed on for, but he did say, "If it does well, I'll probably go back and do that." Check out those comments in the video below (another hat tip to Comicbook.com).

Oliver Queen and company return to television on October 7 on The CW.

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